Biography of W.G. Browne: The Paths of Dangerous Fame

Many congratulations to Edmund Wyatt for finally publishing his biography of William George Browne, the first European to travel along the Forty Days Road and reach Darfur.

A Traveller's Tale

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My biography of the explorer W.G. Browne has recently been published.

William George Browne (1768–1813) was one of those remarkable explorers who managed to journey deep into the African interior. At the Egyptian oasis of Siwa, he discovered an ancient temple related to Alexander the Great’s visit to consult the fabled Oracle of Amun. Fearlessly, he then searched for further ruins in the inner desert but very nearly perished in the process. After studying Arabic in Cairo, he embarked on an 1,100-mile camel journey along the Forty Days Road. Browne was the first European to reach the Sultanate of Darfur. Here he faced constant intrigue and an almost unbearable level of xenophobic hostility. Through sheer determination, he was able to survive disease, several assassination attempts and two crossings of the Sahara in the full heat of summer. Following years of meticulous research, Browne embarked on one final journey, but violent…

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