About Muna

Muna Zaki

By profession I’m an Arabic teacher who specializes in teaching Sudanese Colloquial Arabic to non-native speakers. I’ve sought to share my pedagogical approach by producing two illustrated books for those studying Arabic. However, finding a means to publish them is proving problematic due to the number of illustrations.

The Blog

Sudan has a rich cultural tradition that I would like to share. My blog so far has concentrated on Sudanese proverbs, folktales, recipes and life in my home city of Khartoum.

Arabic Tuition

Now based in the  Derbyshire town of Belper (UK), I am available as a tutor for those who want to learn Arabic. For those further away, I also offer lessons via Skype and anyone interested in arranging these can e-mail me directly: munazak@hotmail.co.uk


I have published a volume of Sudanese Proverbs (Sudanese Proverbs: Translated, Transliterated and Explained) which is available on Amazon and through bookshops.

Forthcoming: a volume of Sudanese Folktales in English



4 thoughts on “About Muna

  1. Salam,

    I was very happy to come across your stories and books. I am actually involve in a project for writing a curriculum for teaching English in Sudanese schools. We would like to take your permission to use some of your stories and proverbs.

    Thanks and Best regards,

    Dr. Amna Mohamed Bedri
    National consultant for the British Council
    Associate professor,
    Ahfad University for Women
    email: amnambedri@hotmail.com

    • Dear Dr Amna,
      Thank you for your message.
      I would be happy to provide you with some of my stories and proverbs for use in the new curriculum for teaching English in Sudanese schools. In fact, I have already given permission for a story (The Lion, the Hyena and the Fox) to be used in the SMILE book for year 5.

      Best wishes,


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