Arabic Books

The Assistant (Part One) (Sudanese ISBN: 168/2013) was my first book and was published in Khartoum. It was designed as a workbook to help pupils in year 1 (6 year olds) to study the Sudanese Ministry of Education’s textbook: Kitaab Al Asaas in Reading Book Two.
The book is now out of date following changes to the curriculum but would still assist children using the former books.


The book is designed to help pupils to:

  • join letters in word format
  • analyze the form of Arabic letters in initial, middle and ending positions
  • reinforce and enrich the vocabulary learnt from the Ministry of Education’s course
  • learn how to spell words correctly
  • develop their imagination and expression through creative writing
  • improve their reading comprehension skills

The book uses pictures and a variety of exercises to motivate the pupils. Some of these were drawn especially the book by the Sudanese artist and author, Ahmed Amir Jabir.

My next project, however, is a book on verbs Sudanese for those learning Arabic as a foreign language. The book on Sudanese Arabic Verbs is in the final stages of editing and I am looking into the possibility of publishing it as an e-book.

Front cover

Front cover


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