Hukum garagoosh. The judgment of Garagoosh (part 2)

One of the funnier stories about Garagoosh’s lack of fair judgment concerns a farmer who appeared before him to complain that a thief had stolen one of his chickens. He produced a witness and the thief made a full confession under Garagoosh’s interrogation. Garagoosh then announced that the thief must pay a fine of one dinar. Upon hearing this everyone thought that the matter had been settled until Garagoosh added that the owner of the chicken and his witness should also be fined a dinar each as well! When they asked Garagoosh about the legal basis upon which the judgment was based, he merely remarked, ‘I judged the thief because he has taken what doesn’t belong to him. I fined the owner because he didn’t take good care of his chicken.’ ‘But what guilt did the witness commit, your honour?’ asked one of the counsels. Garagoosh’s reply was final, ‘Because he has interfered in what doesn’t concern him!’


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