Sudanese karkadeh (hibiscus)

Sudanese karkadeh (hibiscus)

A bowl of hibiscus flowers


Hibiscus karkadeh

There can be few better ways to revive oneself from the heat of the Sudanese day than to sit and drink a chilled cup of karkadeh!

Sudanese hibiscus flowers (karkadeh) are rich in iron and are said to lower blood pressure. In Sudan it is often regarded as a herbal tea that can help with sore throats and coughs. Karkadeh is harvested in Kordofan in the west of Sudan and is used to make a refreshing drink that can be served hot or cold. Not only does it have a delicious taste, it produces when soaked a deep red colour similar to pomegranates or cranberry juice. The best place to buy karkadeh flowers is in the souq where it is sold by the pound (raTul) for about 8-10 SDG. Although ground karkadeh is available in tea bags, it is much better to make it yourself with dried flowers.

Making a fresh jug of karkadeh is relatively simple. Continue reading