Fish from Murada


The fish market at Murada in Omdurman is a great place to buy fresh fish. Usually there is a wide variety of fish but the most common and my personal favourite is bulti (tilapia). Today it was being sold for 22 SDG per kilogram, the price no doubt being subdued by the fact that we are approaching the Eid when Muslims purchase a sheep. Not bad during this time of rising prices!

Bargaining as always is important whenever you buy and the fish shouldn’t usually be more expensive than fishmongers in Khartoum regardless of what some guidebooks may tell you. Friday is the busiest day at Murada and the high demand tends to push prices up then. Prices during the cooler winter months also tend to be higher as the sellers have more time to sell the fish while its still fresh.

When choosing your fish look carefully at the eyes and the gills which should be a pinkish red. If the gills are dark red, the fish may have been frozen and then defrosted for sale. You can expect to pay an additional 2 SDG per kilo for the fish to be gutted and the gills removed etc. As this is a messy job its well worthwhile asking one of the men to clean it for you. The cleaners can also help to find a fishmonger with fresh fish at reasonable prices.

Near to the fish market on the river bank are some fortifications from the Mahdia and the historic city gate called Bab al Abdel Gaoum. But if you are anything like me you won’t be lingering around when you could be home cooking your fish!


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