Review of Bradt Guide Book to the Sudan

Sudan: the Bradt Travel Guide by Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare (3rd edition, pub. 2012)

This is an excellent book in so many ways. Firstly, it is beautifully written with the descriptions of places balanced by factual information and practical tips. I liked the short articles within the main text that provide at least a start for those wishing to understand more about Sudan, its history and its culture.
There is a short bibliography at the back that usefully includes a short summary of what each recommended publication is about. This guidebook is well designed, easy to follow and lavished with some wonderful coloured photographs.

I feel that the book could included more about Sudanese food and drink! Inevitably the book focuses on the tourist sites which most visitors will want to see and where there are hotels etc.

There are also a few mistakes as you would expect in a book brimming with so many useful facts and pieces of information. For example, the old Episcopal Cathedral was All Saints’ Cathedral rather than St Michael’s Cathedral and it was William not George Browne who was the first European to visit Darfur.
Nevertheless, these are minor and reader does not lose confidence in the book (or the authors). Inevitably a travel book also become out of date the moment it has been printed. So, unfortunately the authors’ recommendation to visit the
Ethnographic Museum can not be followed as the place has been

I can’t recommend this book enough to those foreigners (and Sudanese who have grown up abroad) who are coming to the Sudan and want to travel independently across this amazing country.


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