Courier delivery -Sudanese style

My husband has reminded me of his own experience of the “camel post” from his time as a volunteer teacher in Dar Kababish in western Sudan:

“Whilst travelling by camel on a track between Hamrat Esh Sheikh and Umm Badr, I was surprised to see a police land cruiser speed past in front of me and then momentarily stop for a split instant to enable a policeman inside to toss out an envelope in my general direction. Continue reading


The camel postman


The original design of a camel postman was by a Captain E.A Stanton of the Royal Engineers in 1896. Years later he recounted the circumstances that led to creation of the stamp in an article republished in Sudan Notes and Records from which the following is a summary: apparently Stanton had added sketches to the maps used during the conquest of the Dongola area and these had come to the attention of the Sirdar of the Egyptian Army, Sir Herbert Kitchener or K as he was known by his men. In a typically curt manner he gave Stanton a mere five days to come up with a good design. Three days passed with Stanton becoming increasingly worried until the post arrived on a camel instead of a steamer. Continue reading